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Why you should outsource your HR in 2018

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Why you should outsource your HR in 2018

Why you should outsource your HR in 2018

Manalot takes you through some challenges that you may face in attracting and retaining quality hires and talent.

CHALLENGE: You’re ready to transform your HR function.

The right partner can help you completely rethink how your organization acquires talent and transform your talent acquisition strategy to better meet your long-term objectives. As a premier HR Management firm, we know that selecting and managing human capital is challenging enough. When you’re ready to bring in new talent, an HR Agency can accurately assess needs and customize the best service option for you.

CHALLENGE: You can’t satisfy your current hiring needs.

Outsourcing your recruitment function provides access to deeper pools of quality talent both today and in the future. We, at Maple C&S offer organizations a totally hassle-free, standardized and scalable selection process that delivers consistently. A careful structuring of our approach develops an effective, rigorous and comprehensive strategy for all our executive searches.

CHALLENGE: Your organization is going global, so your recruitment must too.

Companies operating globally need the right local talent to help them succeed. However, multi-regional recruiting presents obstacles including distance, culture and language. Choose an agency that has global reach and local expertise to help you break through those barriers to find and attract the talent you need.

CHALLENGE: You don’t have optimized talent management tools and technologies.

Recruitment technologies are key when it comes to finding the right talent. They enable you to identify and source job seekers, engage passive candidates, reduce time-to-hire and improve the candidate experience. Yet, many companies do not have access to these resources in-house. Outsourcing your HR function provides technical expertise that would otherwise come at incremental costs to your organization.READ  This Spanish language initiative is changing the space of language learning

CHALLENGE: You need to hire a large quantity of quality candidates, fast.

Continued economic uncertainty makes it increasingly difficult to plan for long and even short-term hiring needs. When hiring picks up, most organizations do not have the internal support needed to handle large-scale talent acquisition. An agency is designed to quickly scale when hiring needs fluctuate.

CHALLENGE: You and your team lack the bandwidth to focus on recruiting.

Organizations are being forced to do more with less, and the HR function is no exception. When internal resources are limited, partnering with Manalot frees up your team to focus on other strategic initiatives, with the full confidence that your talent acquisition needs will be met.

CHALLENGE: You need better metrics to report results and enable informed decision making.

Top talent is critical to an organization’s future growth. HR leaders are expected to measure the effectiveness of their talent acquisition strategies and adjust course when needed. An HR agency will work with you to identify metrics that are aligned with the goals of your organization and provide quantifiable data on the impact of your recruitment efforts.