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We Advise And Shape Family-Controlled Firms For The Future

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Family Business Advisory

Many of the most respected, best performing companies in the world are family owned. Despite their inherent strengths and global economic significance, family-owned companies face unique vulnerabilities. This includes generational transitions, major investment decisions, appropriation of profits, leadership appointments etc.

Having worked with my own family-run business, to working in the corporate sector, to finally running my own enterprise, I bring to you the best of both worlds as I actionable insights on what sets the best family-controlled firms apart

Our global team offers customized strategic solutions to family-controlled businesses to meet the distinctive situations they encounter. Applying deep expertise and considerable experience,


How can a family firm benchmark internal talent against
the pool available in the broader market?

Do you as a family firm, need help in defining, building,
and developing best-in-class executive teams?

Can a family-owned business successfully navigate CEO transition?

Family Business Advisory Services

Business and Family Governance Consulting

Business and Family Governance Consulting

Our Advisory consultants’ partner with family firms on their journey to building capable and experienced leadership team. Based on a clear assessment of the strategy and the ownership structure, we proactively assist our clients in the competency-based selection of independent directors and advisors to bring governance mechanisms to life.

As a consulting partner, we work hand in hand with family firms to build a capable and experienced leadership team. Based on a clear assessment of the strategy, the ownership structure, and the organizational culture we proactively assist our clients in the selection of independent directors and team leaders.

CEO Succession for Family Businesses

CEO Succession for Family Businesses

We help family firms with founder, intergenerational, and family-to-non-family transitions by identifying and developing the best possible individuals to drive the organization’s strategic objectives.

We are frequently asked by our clients to evaluate and assess next generation family leaders with the objective of identifying fitting roles for the family members and to develop plans for grooming these individuals to take the business to higher levels.

We also assist family firms with family-to-non-family transitions by identifying the best possible individuals who will not only drive the organization’s strategic objectives but keep the family name, values and traditions alive.

Family and Non-Family CXO Succession

Family and Non-Family CXO Succession

As a premier leadership advisory firm, we provide insight that global organizations rely on to select and develop talent, set new leaders up for success, optimize team effectiveness and evaluate and evolve organizational cultures.

For many family firms, recruiting top executives from outside the family represents a major challenge.

Thus, we work with board members and CEOs to:
  • Create and execute dynamic succession plans.
  • Identify and cultivate high-potential individuals who can drive organizational strategy.
  • Develop an understanding of available talent in the external market

Independent of the candidate being a family or non-family member, the integration during the first six months is vital for receiving the expected value and impact. During this time, we offer customized support to help new CEOs and other senior executives align the culture and character of the family legacy with futuristic vision.