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Strategy without Tactics is the Slowest Route to Victory

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Talent Strategy & Organizational Alignment

No company works in a vacuum. Markets today are more complex than ever and dealing with regulations and legal restrictions that vary from one geographical region to another requires a lot of dynamism. An organization today, therefore, needs to have a dynamic and flexible structure to survive. This flexibility ranges from creating the right organizational structure and hiring people to devising a company-wide strategy. Most organizations spend a lot of resources in selecting a strategy and initiating implementation but most often it’s short term and difficult to sustain. We believe that having the right people in the right management roles to carry forward the central vision is as important, and perhaps more than just having a brilliant strategy on paper. Strategies are always related to growth, whether it be geography, market share or new markets. Misalignment of strategy with the right talent is one of the leading causes of organizational failures. At Manalot, we’ve developed an approach that helps ‘you’ find the right talent that carries out pragmatic strategies effectively.


Which has more impact?

A strategy that’s ideal but not implemented thoroughly or a moderately solid but well-executed one?


We deeply believe that a well-executed strategy brings results far more effectively than a well-formulated strategy. Pragmatism wins over theoretical ideas in a fast-paced business world.

Do you sense role mismatch and dissatisfaction leading to exits?

Is your team structure aligned towards the organizational goal?

Is the team getting stagnant and complacent?

Is there a process for introducing new joiners to the executive team?

Are there communication gaps and lack of ownership within the team?


The Path From Strategy To Success

Manalot unique approach can help you translate strategy into success by lining up your operating environment to your growth plan.

Studies show that 93% of workplace development programs fail because they’re mainly activity-centred and lack an approach that is strategic and result-based.

Talent development strategy needs to be aligned with an organization’s unique operating environment to ensure its positive impact on the bottom line.

At Manalot, we closely follow your institutional capabilities (skill-sets which define the things that your organization does well and not so well.) Once that’s in place, we define core competencies, source and mentor the right talent.

Visualising the path that leads you to where you want to be from where you are today gives a reality check on the likelihood of success. With that vision and the right people, you can move forward to achieving your strategic goals.

Mentoring and developing your team is one of the most critical factors to your firm’s success and growth. We assist in having in place the right mix of job descriptions, compensation plans, reporting structure, personal development solutions and communication with the teams.

6 Critical Factors Affecting Team Performance


Objective Alignment

Does the entire team clearly understand the objectives and deliver consistent focus towards their actions?


Work Efficiency

Does the team work towards optimising resources, making appropriate trade-offs and following work discipline?


Diversity Balance

Does the team leverage and appreciate a huge diversity of working styles, perspectives and approaches?


Team Energy

Does the team generate energy working together or are their interactions losing momentum?



Does the team deal with setbacks and pressures with resilience and surface issues constructively?



Does the team constantly look for inspiration externally? Are they ready to understand and adopt diverse viewpoints and ideas?

How Do We Assure These Results?

We take great pride that most of our relationships with our clients are long-term. The only way forward for us is being consistent, effective, responsive to specific needs and by being committed to your success in the long-term. Our objective is to help you make better people decisions, methodically increase the risk-taking capability of your leaders and ensure that your leadership teams have diverse strengths essential for survival.