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Anil Raikundlia: A Charged Soul with a keen sense for Business

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Anil Raikundlia: A Charged Soul with a keen sense for Business

Anil Raikundlia: A Charged Soul with a keen sense for Business

Businessmen are like Superheroes – they not only initiate the first draft of an idea but fine polish it to make perfect and established workable ideas. A businessman is the only man who dreams with open eyes of owning a huge office space, numerous dedicated employees and constantly takes the effort to swim in the sea of challenges and risks. He is such a leader who truly doesn’t care about failure, hurdles or breakdowns but only cares about his establishment reaching the pinnacles of success.

One such leading hero is Anil Raikundlia, Managing Director, Manalotwho dreamt of setting up his dream business with a positive outlook in spite of immense pressure and hurdles faced.

Anil Raikundlia’s magic mantra for success is correcting thoughts and not actions as he believes that once thoughts are corrected, actions will not be repeated. With a Degree in Commerce, a Diploma in Business Management and more than 17 years of experience in Human Resources. Anil was often praised for his advisory and leadership skills. This led him to form Maple Consulting and Services as an HR solutions warehouse.

A Team Leader

Anil’s responsibility towards his vision is to achieve what he set out for. As an entrepreneur, he staunchly believes that the ‘outcome is always a response to what you believe, you could achieve.’

His main responsibility as an entrepreneur towards his team is encouraging his team to believe in his vision. His mantra which he passes onto the team is ‘believe it, and you can achieve it.’ Anil has an innate ability to manage his clients confidently and minus any hesitation. He portrays an image of sheer confidence, which not only permeates to his dedicated team but strengthens their belief in the organization. He has always encouraged his team to step outside their predefined roles, up their drive and increase their passion for work.

It’s People that Count

Anil believes that the human capital of a company is the most significant parameter defining its success or failure. Thus, after heading HR in various companies in the corporate sector for more than a decade, Manalot was conceptualized to establish long-term, trust-based professional relationships with clients and offers expert guidance and support at every step to individuals and companies.

An Interesting Business Idea

The inaugural phase of the company is the most important. It includes sketching business modules, approaching clients by super impressive proposals, staff members, investments, profit or loss game and much more.

Manalot manages an entire gamut of human capital services. They specialize in the stream of talent management, organizational alignment, HR advanced analytics, aspirational modeling, professional mentoring and career consulting.

Manalot believes that the misalignment of strategy with the right talent is one of the leading causes of organizational failures. Their unique approach helps organizations to find the right talent that carries out pragmatic strategies effectively in line with their goals. They continuously strive to build a true strategic consulting experience where ‘execution is the most crucial part of the solution.’

A Tough Journey

Anil’s biggest hurdle is changing perceptions that HR is not just a function acquiring and managing personnel but is a strategic business decision maker within an organization.

It has been a tough journey for Manalot to convince senior management that they are not an outsourced recruitment agency but are business consultants, playing an advisory role: aiming to create and deliver the value aligned with the organization’s business objectives. HR has always been considered a support function – Anil feels it should be a backbone for any organizational plan and strategy.

Futuristic Footsteps

Organizations today are slowly moving towards a consulting model, where they can get unbiased solutions from a third-party minus to any political shadows. They are highly focused on their objective to help organizations make decision for better people, which methodically increase the risk taking capability of leaders and ensure that leadership teams have diverse strengths essential for sharpening the competitive edge.

Anil’s Success Mantra

Anil believes that his care, focus, and devote towards the client’s satisfaction is the key parameters to his success. Each and every decision, plan or process is specifically aligned towards the client’s core business strategy and goals. He believes, “Success is not only measured by the quality of our work but the quality of the life you lead. A good work life balance is critical for all leaders. Overtime can kill creativity and exhaust your drive. Time spent with family and friends is a wonderful way to recharge and rejuvenate and makes for a happier more creative leader. Being able to allocate your time correctly is crucial characteristic for leaders.” 

Anil’s Significant Words to all Budding Entrepreneurs

The very first thing we should keep in mind is being a good leader than being just a leader.

It may seem that everything falls in line with whatever a leader says but a good leader first understands the requirement, understands his audience and then makes the gap look seamless between them.

I once had a manager whom I enjoyed working with – he was balanced, calm, and approachable. Then the business started going through a difficult phase and he came under tremendous pressure which wouldn’t ease. And then I saw a completely different side of him. His behavior became mercurial; often shouting at the team; taking knee jerk decisions. I didn’t recognize that person anymore. He became entirely different from what he professed to be a leader.

When we go through challenging times at work is when we grow the most. “FAILURES TEST CHARACTER.” So when you are going through a difficult patch, be calm/ composed; stay positive & confident; step back from the situation to reflect but most importantly, keep your moral compass at the forefront. And I know it’s easier said than done but we need to be true to who we are & profess to be.  I can’t say I have always been successful at it. “REMEMBER BEFORE FAILURES BUILD CHARACTER; THEY FIRST TEST AND SOMETIMES REVEAL CHARACTER.”