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The 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2019

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The 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2019

The 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2019

Manalot: Courting Success

Powered by passion, this HR advisory’s purpose is much larger and more substantive than just closing mandates successfully.

Their MD, Anil Raikundlia firmly believes that solutions to most organizational problems lie within the organization itself and get resolved once the right processes are set up.

As we all know, the world and the way people work is changing. The biggest challenge faced by the industry today is matching the right talent with a high level of ownership.

Manalot addresses these new-age work problems and promotes talent that understands expectations, has work accountability and owns the job role.

“HR is not just a part of businesses, but is the most effective function that runs your business.” – Team Manalot.

The Manalot Story

Founded as a wholesome HR solution provider in 2015, Manalot has rapidly expanded as a respected consulting and strategy firm with a strong India and Asia footprint.

A high-end Strategic and Developmental HR consulting and advisory services firm, Manalot supports organizations in aligning their overall HR vision and strategy with their business strategy and goals.

As a conscious effort of moving out of their comfort zone of specialization in the finance sector and taking the organization to the next level, Team Manalot are engaging with new sectors as well.

Currently, they are managing HR processes for a global engineering organization and they are also developing their own line of technology-powered tools for HR.

With relentless passion and tenacity, the team endeavours to strengthen the business of its clients, add value, and make a difference.

The Powerhouse – Anil Raikundlia – MD, Manalot

A seasoned HR professional with more than two decades of executive human resources expertise, Anil has helped launch and grow multiple organizations ranging from start-ups to global organizations.

His skilfulness encompasses consulting, strategic talent selection, organizational alignment, global HR management and the full human resources arena. Sought out for his high intuitiveness and passion for solving complex HR situations, Anil is known for helping clients scale to their next stage of growth.

Anil’s secret to success: Meaningful partnerships. True Customization

“The human side of the business is what endears me most to HR. My expertise lies in balancing organizational drive with personal perspectives. As a team, we prefer to work as a partnership with our clients – almost an extension of their own business – as opposed to being viewed as just another vendor. Harmony and success for both parties are crucial to our success,” – states Anil.

Key Ingredient

The main key ingredient that differentiates Manalot from other HR consultants is that they work as a partner-in-change with all their clients.

Explains Anil “Our key focus has always been to bring out the best in people and organizations for mutually beneficial growth, effectiveness and performance. Hence we specialize in helping organizations transform by revitalizing, engaging and empowering their people through innovative leadership and transformational strategies and disruptive processes.”

Solutions Delivered

The firm maintains a strong belief that there is enormous hidden potential in people which if unleashed, can do wonders in enhancing their effectiveness, capability, competitiveness and performance. Hence their solutions are tailored specifically to organization design, organization transformation, change management initiatives, leadership development and managing talent.

Their boutique range of services enables them to help clients design, develop and implement customised solutions to manage key strategic & developmental HR processes such as sustainable talent, organizational design, corporate ethos and board effectiveness.

As Anil elucidates, the nature of engagement with the clients on the above processes can be consulting, advisory and retainer ship basis depending upon the specific need of the clients.

With decades of knowledge and expertise in the domain, they have successfully been able to deliver solutions for all kind of global and domestic business industry-specific demands.

Game-Changing Services, Satisfying Client Experience

A high-end Strategic and Developmental HR consulting and advisory services firm, this young company is renowned for: a unique combination of research and strategic skills, positively proactive approach and active collaborations.

The team always takes a holistic view of the business challenges – current & future and does a deep dive of the organizational climate, their business needs and people processes to help implement game-changing, innovative and strategic HR interventions.

To cite a success story: Manalot were approached by a well-known organization to meet their talent selection needs for leadership positions which they were struggling with for over half a year. The team closed three of those positions in a span of seven days!

Hence Anil strongly believes “Our intuition and timeliness in executing solutions are our greatest strength. It is our adage and USP that we continuously strive to build a true strategic consulting experience where ‘execution is the most crucial part of the solution.”

Innovative Industry Trends

The HR industry is undergoing a transformative development in technology advancement. Thus companies need to adapt to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Major HR Trends for 2019

  • Surge of People Analytics

With its ability to produce insights into the workforce data provided allows HR professionals to have a deep understanding of employee’s needs, concerns etc.

  • Changes in Talent Sourcing

The norm is shifting from full-time employment trends to a blend of increasingly hiring remote workers, workers on a flexible schedule, part-time workers and consultants.

  • Increased Migration to the Cloud

With cloud-based HRMS, payroll, and talent management services, as well as financials and other ERP solutions offerings in the cloud, the question is no longer “if” a company will move to the cloud, but rather “when” and “how.”

  • Rise of Intelligent Self-Service Tools

Self-service and employee experience platforms are simplifying training, expense reporting, time tracking, and almost every other HR function.

  • New Breed of Corporate Learning Tools

Companies are modernizing learning and development by making greater use of virtual reality, augmented reality, experience platforms, modernized learning management systems, and AI-based systems.

  • Intelligent Apps and Analytics

Apps for attracting talent, worker performance analysis, applicant tracking and assessment, enterprise management, internal management, etc. are enhancing better decision making with the use of machines as a tool and collaborator.

Future Forward

Manalot aims to be a trusted and renowned Strategic and Developmental HR consulting and advisory services firm worldwide.

Always on a quest to explore and expand into new domains, the company is experimenting with AI and technology to build niche HR products for their clients.

Poised to move to the next orbit of growth, this young dynamic organization is confident and ready to be a partner-in-charge for organizations on a global stage.