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Action vs. Anxiety – Are you prepared for the future?

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Action vs. Anxiety – Are you prepared for the future?

Action vs. Anxiety – Are you prepared for the future?

As the COVID-19 situation deepens especially in Mumbai, there are two huge concerns: public health and the economy.
Leaving the enormous concerns about health for the moment, what about work?
This time has been devastating in so many ways, especially for the people in the innumerable crucial professions where if they do not show up, they do not get paid.
Moreover, there are many workplaces that are going out of business, or facing crippling losses, mostly in the manufacturing sector, travel, hospitality sectors etc.
So how do we prepare for an unforeseeable future? How should we prepare ourselves for jobs or work whose nature we cannot determine at present?
The first thing we need to remember, is that action is an antidote for anxiety.
Given that we are stuck at home, what actions might we take to help position ourselves better for the future?
As Robert Miller says “One’s destination is never a place but a new way of looking at things.”. Wisdom is portable, even when we are stuck at home.
Explore tools that will allow you to work more efficiently in the future.
Focus on tools/software/apps that can help you work more efficiently. Devote time and mental energy to learn how to do it.
Update your resume, your LinkedIn profile, your website, and any other work-related descriptions. Take online courses, certification programs, or classes.
This kind of mental work will give you an atmosphere of growth and will position you to be a better job candidate when the current situation is resolved.
Figure out ways to expand your offerings.
Can you tailor your services in different ways? It can be via webinars, videos, e-books, newsletter or
a podcast…
Consider change.
We do not know what the economic consequences of this period will be, but certainly, they will be massive. If you have been considering making a change or even if you haven’t, you might use this time to weigh your pros and cons of sticking to the same industry, the same neighbourhood or even the same city – to manage costs.
It can be scary to consider major changes, but often, clarity and a sense of options brings comfort. Remember, you are not committing to a change; you are just thinking through what that change might look like.
Explore the possibility of a side hustle.

Now might be the right time to think hard about the side hustle you’ve been considering, as a way to
create more income and more security.
Utilize time

All of us have a long list of things to do “someday.” What is on your long-term to-do list? Sort through the filing cabinet, get rid of receipts, reports, and records that you no longer need, register a domain name…Now’s the time.