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Interview of the Day: ‘Creating a digital platform in the recruitment cycle will...

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Interview of the Day: ‘Creating a digital platform in the recruitment cycle will be important’

Interview of the Day: ‘Creating a digital platform in the recruitment cycle will be important’

Globally, India is the most optimistic in terms of recruitment intentions after China and Taiwan. IT and BPO, Education, banking, insurance and financial services and automobiles are the top five sectors generating maximum jobs across India.

IT & BPO is the largest employment generator in India. Recently NASSCOM reported that the IT and BPO sector in India annually grows at the rate of about 25% and sustains nearly 2 million jobs. Indian IT – BPO sector is its flagship economy builder and every single rupee spent by this sector accounts for two rupees in Indian economy. In addition, every job created in this sector accounts for creation of four jobs in rest of the economy. The high demand for IT-BPO jobs is further compounded due to the lack of trained professionals and high rate of employee turnover. At SITEL we meet our recruitment demands through campus, training programs to bring candidates to desired levels before hiring, and retention programs & other activities that build certain stickiness with the company.

We believe Entry level &fresher jobs will be in high demand in the coming year as the industry will require fresh pool of talent by offering a decent affordable remuneration which will be beneficial for both employer & employee. Also one will notice stability in hiring at middle level management in spite of stagnant economy as employees are willing to explore anything better than their current job scope. However there will be a lack of hiring in senior levels because of the cost factor that needs to be adjusted due to the economy downturn. But the leadership skills &specialty jobs will always be in demand.

Which will be the top ten in-demand professions in 2013? And Why?

In the year ahead, Professions related to IT & BPO, banking & finance, education, public administration and government jobs are going to be in huge demand. According to my knowledge and based on how the economy is shaping, I believe that the following will be the top 10 in demand professions in 2013.

  1. System Software & Application Developers
  2. Engineers
  3. Computer Systems Analysts, Security Analysts, Web Developers, Network Architec
  4. Market Research Analysts/Marketing Specialists
  5. Human Resources Personnel/ Training/ Labor Relations Specialists
  6. Human Resources Personnel/ Training/ Labor Relations Specialist
  7. CA/ Financial advisors / Analysts/ Fund Mangers/ Auditors
  8. Retail sector Professionals
  9. Healthcare Professionals
  10. Psychologists &Counselors
  11. Industry specific qualified professors & teachers

What will be the strongest recruitment trend in 2013?

The trend that will be the most important for recruiting in 2013 is creating a Digital Platform in the recruitment cycle. Lifestyles of people are dramatically changing, everything is at a finger’s click thus we need to make easy access to candidate’s profiles with mobile based technology. By the end of next year, the mobile platform will have become the dominant communications and interaction platform by early-adopting best-practice organizations. The capabilities afforded users of smart phones and tablet devices grow immensely day by day. Tablets will become the virtual classroom, and an emerging class of tools will let people manage almost every aspect of their professional life digitally. Hence organizations need to implement integrated talent-management technology which would enable applicants to easily access company information & apply for jobs matching their skills. During the next year, talent management leaders need to invest in execution of talent management initiatives across digital platforms along with internet job boards, social media platforms, online professional networks and adoption of Marketing Techniques.

We expect to see technology products emerging in the talent acquisition space with functionality that is equally as robust as in the standard software. Collaboration, accessibility and actionable design are key for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers. SITEL is exploring various platforms that make recruitment more seamless.

Which metro will offer maximum number of jobs?

As we look at the past records of 2011 & 12, Delhi-NCR generated over 29,000 jobs in the first quarter of the current financial year while over 1.2 lakh jobs were generated across India during the aforesaid period. Mumbai followed by Bangalore, Pune and Chennai are top five Tier I cities that have generated maximum jobs with a share ranging between 8-14 per cent in total job generation across India in the year 2012. Thus I believe Delhi NCR is going to lead in job creation in the year 2013 followed by Mumbai and the rest of the metros. More recruiters are also going to tab tier 2 cities in India. In Tier II category, Lucknow is believed to show tremendous growth in job creation.

2013 will be the year of….

Indian industries were exposed to a plethora of challenges both nationally and internationally, since the introduction of Indian economic reform in 1991. The cut-throat competition in international market compelled the Indian firms to opt for mergers and acquisitions strategies, making it a vital premeditated option and thus I believe the year 2013 is of Mergers, Acquisitions & Consolidation of business units. The fundamentals for sustained M&A activity in 2013 are solid, with improving corporate confidence, increasing private equity activity from both a buy and sell-side perspective, and relatively healthy debt markets. A number of factors have combined to strengthen the environment for mergers and acquisitions in India like dynamic government policies, corporate investments in industry &ready experiment attitude of Indian Industrialists. Sectors like pharmaceuticals, IT, BPO, telecommunications, steel, construction, etc, have proved their worth in the international scenario and the rising participation of Indian firms in signing M&A deals has further triggered the acquisition activities in India. In spite of the massive downturn in 2012, the future of M&A and consolidation deals in India looks promising.Share to Twitter