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A peep into 2013: The year of good times

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A peep into 2013: The year of good times

A peep into 2013: The year of good times

2013 would be the year of  good times in terms of  hiring talent

Industry experts predict that 2013 would witness positive hiring sentiments across all domains. Jacob Jacob, Chief People Officer, Apollo Hospitals, opines, “Overall the recruitment trend for India in 2013 looks positive and sectors like Healthcare, Pharma, Manufacturing, Retail & FMCG are predicted to be at the forefront in hiring talent next year.” Vella Ramasawmy, General Manager, Kempinski Ambience Delhi, also predicted that 2013 would be the year of  good times. “Barring significantly huge natural calamity, Indian economy is on an upward trajectory at least in the immediate future i.e.2013 regardless of  the politically charged atmosphere.”

According to Jacob the most in-demand professions in 2013 would be HR, Finance, Audit, IT and Sales & Marketing. Dr. Siddhartha Pandey, Chief People Officer, Bhusan Power & Steel Limited, says, “My  thinking is that the technical people would still be in demand in comparison to the support function. But at the same time positions like HR, CFO will also be in demand.”

Among locations, metros like Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore would witness enhanced hiring momentum with respect to the rest of the country, according to Sharad Pathane, Senior Manager- HR, Intex Technologies (I) Ltd. He also predicts that job sites and social networking sites would turn out to be the most sought after hiring channels in 2013.

IT and FMCG industries are also expected to perform well  in 2013. “In present scenario IT & FMCG companies would be hiring in extra pace in comparison to year 2012. Reason being market is getting stabilized, would expect rate of  dollar would be at favorable end which would increase the scope of  business opportunities. Mostly the hiring would be at middle level to empower company’s skill set to increase business inflow and will be helpful for brand building,” says, Pathane.

T he year o f  consolidation and optimization

Organisations would be aiming for enhanced resource optimization and consolidation. Anil Warrier, Global Head – Early Talent (University Hiring) in SAP, believes that 2013 would probably be the year when there will be more noise on the “Quality Of  Hire”. “With increased focus on resource optimization, the focus on the QUALITY of  resources and potential of grooming effective managers and leaders from that pool,  will take a front seat,” he adds.

Arpana Mehra, Vice President – Human Resources Asia, ACS of  India Pvt. Ltd, A Xerox Company also believes that 2013 would be the year of  stability and consolidation in the talent management and movement from high cost to low cost cities for large corporates, especially in the IT an ITES  sector. “Although, it does seem Rural engagements in BPM  sector will also pick steam,” she adds. According to Anil Raikundlia, Director – Talent Acquisition (India Region), SITEL INDIA, “The cut- throat competition in international market compelled the Indian firms to opt for mergers and acquisitions strategies, making it a vital premeditated option and thus I believe the year 2013 is of  Mergers, Acquisitions & Consolidation of  business units.”

G. J. Jagan Kumar, HR Director – TCI, Delphi Automotive Systems Private Limited, opines, “2013 will be a year of consolidation / optimization of  the available resources in the Organization. Overall we will see a dip in talent acquisition.” Talking about talent management, Warrier says, “Year 2013 will also see enhanced attention to grooming and growing internal talent for senior and leadership roles over external hiring of talent. However, external hiring will continue albeit the preference by companies will be more for promoting from within.” Dr. Pandey, adds, “The chances of manpower budgeting would be easier as we will find people who will be willing to join even at the same CTC or lesser CTC. But definitely expertise will be a key point and our objective would be to get the best out of the lot.”

“3 C’s – Convergence of  Communication and Commerce”

With the advent of  digital communication technology, organisations would come across various innovative modes of communication to efficiently deliver and process information and also enhance interaction among each other. Prashant Bhatnagar, Director- Hiring, Sapient Nitro, believes, “The rise of  digital communication has made it possible for companies and individuals to deliver their messages via various multimedia channels. Today, we are surrounded by a multi-level convergent world where all modes of communication and information are continually reforming to adapt to the enduring demands of  technologies, changing the way we create, consume, learn and interact with each other.” Tablet technology would also have great impact in 2013. According to Ravi Shankar, EVP & Chief People Officer, Mindtree Ltd, “2013 would be the year of  tipping point and tablet technology.”

T he biggest c hallenge

According to Neeraj Mohbe, VP, International Operations ACS, “In 2013 the bigger challenge is to convince our self  to move operations to non- urban locations and continue to provide cost advantage. He also believes that utilizing technology to enhance efficiency and devise a reliable and sustainable operating model would also prove to be a big challenge in 2013. Dr. Pandey believes that for companies that are not performing well  or losing stability, talent retention would be a big challenge. Policy issues – clearances would also be an area of concern, according to Dr. Pandey.