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Manalot has been featured as one of the Top 20 Path-breaking Brands to watch for...

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Manalot has been featured as one of the Top 20 Path-breaking Brands to watch for 2018

Manalot has been featured as one of the Top 20 Path-breaking Brands to watch for 2018

It’s not about the money. It’s about the people you have, and how you’re led.”-Steve Jobs

Business owners naturally have high expectations from their employees and vice versa. An HR Consultancy plays a crucial role in fulfilling these expectations as they have an unbiased third-party view of the organization and offer alternatives and options suitable to both parties.

Manalot is one such leading HR and Business Consulting firm providing comprehensive HR Solutions for a wide range of industries and verticals. They offer guidance on fact based and insight-driven strategies for organizations.

Conceptualized and established in 2015, Manalot is a Mumbai-based HR firm that strongly believes that the quality of human capital for a company is the most significant parameter defining its success or failure. Manalot values their long-term trust-based professional relationships with their clients and offers them expert guidance and support at every step to solve their HR challenges.

An Erudite Leader

Anil Raikundlia, Co-founder & Managing Director of Manalot has a knack for understanding people’s abilities, and limitations of most HR solutions. With a Commerce degree, a Business Management Diploma and more than 17 years of experience in this field, Anil has worked across various verticals in industries like Manufacturing, IT, BPO, KPO, analytics / research, and has been associated with Fortune 100 companies as well.

His focus on long-term strategies for the clients along with a knack for team-building has helped many clients rejuvenate and creatively solve their HR problems. An independent thinker, Anil, has a proven track record of driving remarkable results. His skills spectrum motivated him to form Manalot to help companies bring talent management in tandem with business requirements thereby accentuating their enterprise architecture.

My team of consultants offers a blend of recruitment experience, coupled with market and industry knowledge. The development and success of my team requires continued focus, and I ensure that the latest market data, trends and information are at their fingertips,” says Anil. Weekly governance meetings, flexible and agile schedules, timely executions and a back-up for every task and resource is what keeps Manalot on the top. Through Manalot, Anil’s endeavor is to build long-term value while focusing on the most basic resource a company has – its people.

Making Manalot a Brand

One of the greatest challenges faced by Manalot in its initial years was that HR was and is still perceived as a supporting function by many organizations. It has been an uphill task for them to convince clients that consulting and strategy works hand-in-hand. “In the beginning, it was difficult to convince top managements to view us as advisors but we followed our passion to be more than just a people-provider and be perceived as a ‘solutions-provider’,” asserts Anil.

Manalot Consulting’s key focus and attribute to success is that they function as advisors combining analytics, intuition and experience to deliver the best results required. To achieve this, they leverage recruitment tools, data, and expertise to deliver bespoke solutions for each of their clients. Praised often, it warms them when clients appreciate their efforts to provide strategic roadmaps. “It’s amazing to see Anil dissect the organization, understand business metrics, inter-personal relationships and construct an HR solution which is simple to implement and transform the business into a high growth path,” says a Global WFM Leader.

Satisfying Clients with Innovative Solutions

While all Maple’s projects come with specific demands and challenges, being bought on board as ‘Executive Consultant’ for a well-known Global BPO which was facing a very unfavorable situation in attracting highly scaled niche talent was the one that stands out the most.Understanding the company’s needs in-depth and developing close bonds with the top management team, Manalot ensured collaboration across levels to meet their continuous recruitment requirements within a short time span.

As you can see in the above graph, the number of positions that needed to be filled dropped from 152 to 60 in a matter of 6 months after Manalot took over. Also the fill rate of the right candidates went up from 15.78% to 46.66% with them placing around 56% of the right candidates up from just 4.51%.

Driven by deep analytics, strategy, insights, understanding market conditions and geographies, Maple Consulting’s expertise formed the key advantage in finding the right assets for the Global BPO.

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