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Reinventing HR

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Reinventing HR

Reinventing HR

Leading in a forward-thinking HR in 2020

As new ways of work present organizations different challenges, both business and HR need to be more agile in leading, organizing, managing the 21st-century workforce and embrace dynamic bolder solutions.

We believe that HR is in the middle of a significant identity change. Not only do HR departments need to focus on all their old duties like efficiency and excellence in identifying talent, but they must also focus on employee experience, employee productivity etc.

Taking inspiration from Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report, we highlight some new thinking practices which will define how leading companies think and operate in 2020.

New Game New Rules

  • A continuum of talent will be available, in different work formats including work from home, gig employees, 4 day model, flexi working hours etc.
  • Work will constantly be reinvented with projects, assignments and experience acting as building blocks to build careers
  • HR will aim towards forward-thinking, learning, innovation, diversity and customer impact.
  • Organizations will be empowered by their team, collaboration and knowledge-sharing across globally.

How to start enabling yourself for 2020

  • Consider how technology can change the way core work is done
  • Identify human workforce segments for cross-skill.
  • Collaborate across functions to ensure that your workforce aligns with your business strategy. This includes experimenting with new ways of working and coordinating across organizational silos.
  • Invest in critical human skills like problem solving, creativity, project management, ethical practices etc
  • Plan and transform your workforce with an actionable view of talent, training, communication, leadership, culture, and organizational impacts.
  • Build a digital employment brand
  • Determine who can be investors, pioneers, and transformers and on-board for building leaders as part of your business strategy.


We hope these insights can serve as a strategic roadmap to help organizations to not simply adapt, but to thrive in the emerging business environment.

Imagine HR being at the helm and nucleus of each organization as key HR spokespersons (external and internal) develop business strategies to drive growth, talent and leadership across businesses, and are looked up to as co-leaders of the business.