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Manalot – AI Powered Executive Search

By blending decades of experience with the latest advances in science and technology, Manalot is the perfect ‘candidate selection solution’ for your organization.

Our proprietary solution layers in behavioural and competency assessments and 360-degree referencing to ensure that you truly understand your potential executives’ strengths.

Designed to recognise your organisation’s individuality and help combat specific challenges, Manalot moves beyond CV’s, online assessments and experience to ensure that you have access to top talent for today and tomorrow.


Get A Complete Candidate Picture


Meet the Best Candidates

Manalot automates and accelerates the screening process by conducting expert behavioural profiles to identify the perfect fit for your job description & culture.


Discover Powerful Insights

Access deeper insights and bring accuracy and objectivity into your candidate selection decisions with our versatile range of reports and dashboards.


Get Global Support

Manalot can be accessed by the entire global management team. Candidates can be reviewed repeatedly during the period of engagement.

How can you effectively evaluate leadership roles
in these times of transformation?

Would you like to ease the burden of initial candidate pre-screening and focus
more closely on interviewing the very best candidates?

Imagine the global management team evaluating a candidate
for leadership role in one platform at the same time

How can you ensure you’re making the best possible hiring choices?

Solution Powered By Science

With Manalot, selecting quality candidates is not complex and time consuming. Our impactful intelligent solution only focuses on what matters most for your growth and performance, and delivers compelling insights that equips your organization to make informed decisions.

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